Chat 1 transcript

buttonhole logged in.

cheydostudio: There you are! Geez, I thought you’d never sign on.

buttonhole: just got back from work
are u okay?

cheydostudio: So far. The nights are getting quieter. I don’t like it.

buttonhole: isthat why u left me like
a billon messages

cheydostudio: Not exactly. Or maybe. I don’t know, i just have this bad feeling.

buttonhole: bout what

cheydostudio: Just a general bad feeling. Like something is going to happen.
And I’m not ready for it.

buttonhole: bullshit your always ready for anything
ur like
a boyscout or sumthin
a chick boyscout
with great hair

cheydostudio: XD Thanks.
For the hair comment, anyway, I don’t know about the other stuff.

buttonhole: its like how do u even live in that carzy house of urs
fcku i need sleep
*…screw it

cheydostudio: Sorry, I should let you go.
And you’re right, I’m pretty much used to nutty things.
I’m probably just stressed.

buttonhole: prolly r
lets talk 2moro i just stepped in the
funkgng cats dish
kibble all ovr the place

cheydostudio: Oops. ^^; Leave it for your roomie to take care of.
Go to bed.

buttonhole: yeah im there

buttonhole logged out.

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