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cheydostudio --> Deliabuttonhole --> Buttonhelotropicalica --> Persephonepretendinaryfriend --> Travishomerunhero --> Vivaneshillelaghins --> Ronitthelibrarian --> Kaapoaqualass --> Aronshylolkarma --> Carlosdaftneophyte --> Wen

The smoky nature of the story makes it difficult to just write character bios, especially since they haven’t all been introduced yet. This page’s purpose is mostly to link pictures to usernames to real life names, and keep a few details straight so as to stave off a minimum amount of confusion.

In order of appearance:

cheydostudio --> Delia Username: cheydostudio | Real Life name: Delia

Delia lives on an island with her scientist parents, where she has resided for the past few years. She is eighteen years old andfairly reasonable in most respects, which may be thanks to a certain amount of implied “nuttiness” in her life. She has a history of premonitions.

buttonhole --> Button Username: buttonhole | Real Life name: Burton “Button”

Bookshop clerk who owns a cat and lives with a roommate. People come to him for advice because he acts old. He’s twenty-something and probably isn’t any more certain of that number than anyone else is. He also isn’t sure what he has to contribute to anything, but he’s sure there’s something.

helotropicalica --> Persephone Username: heliotropicalica | Real Life name: Persephone

One of the younger friends. Persephone is sixteen going on rebelteen, living under her father’s tirade–I mean thumb–and generally making the best of a boring situation. She’s unendingly cheerful, strangely helpful, and easily discounted because she loves pink.

pretendinaryfriend --> Travis Username: pretendinaryfriend | Real Life Name: Travis

Damaged. In so many ways. You can’t even tell how many ways this kid is just borked. But rather then raking in the dough singing badly, or scamming anime chicks, he just insults the world and gets away with it because he’s seventeen. He’ll grow out of it.

homerunhero --> Vivane Username: homerunhero | Real Life name: Vivane

One part unstable genius, two parts just plain crazy. Vivane lives a mysterious existence of paranoia, social ineptitude, SHOUTING, and being eyeball deep in tech that would make cartoon spies wet themselves for the opportunity to look at it.

shillelaghins --> Ronit Username: shillelaghins | Real Life name: Ronit

A law student at Trinity and heiress to a publishing company currently run by her grandfather. Level-headed, but prone to imaginative outbursts. Longs to believe in things like fairies, ghosts, and true love, but is considers herself too practical.

thelibrarian --> Kaapo Username: thelibrarian | Real Life name: Kaapo

A former tough guy who changed his life by starting a web cartoon. Somewhat inclined to be nervous, which he dislikes about himself. Impatient with people, which may or may not be justified, and even more impatient with his dog Nintendo, which is always justified.

aqualass --> Aronshy Username: aqualass | Real Life name: Aronshy

Another of the younger set. Lives with her cousin, a man who is either not around or breaking things. Aronshy is not sure of what she wants to be when she grows up, but she is rather painfully aware that it hasn’t happened yet and she has time to figure it out.

lolkarma --> Carlos Username: lolkarma | Real Life name: Carlos

Although he can come off as rather strange, Carlos is generally considered harmless and probably a stoner. He places a lot of value in comfort, things other people insist are imaginary, and the good times that can be had by bothering his good friend Wen.

daftneophyte --> Wen Username: daftneophyte | Real Life name: Wen

The most impatient. Likes to think of himself as no-nonsense, even though he secretly suspects that he merely lacks a sense of humour. Wen has an office job, no pets, few offline friends, and is very insecure about a lot of things.  He also paints.

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