Desiderata re-mix

Recently, Hubby started using RPGM VX Ace. I had used it before, but he hadn’t. The verdict that came back was to remake Desiderata in the newer program. It means a lot of work, especially for me, since I do all of the eventing work. Some events will change, although I’m sure a great deal will remain the same. NPCs will be easier to make, and thus will probably end up with more variety. And I’ll finally be able to get over that wizard hurdle.

Some of the new maps are already done. Including a big world map!


Oh, that reminds me. A lot of the geography is going to change.


The sprites will probably be the same, although I haven’t make an absolute decision. Better maps may mean more optional events and definitely a better setting in which to tell the story. My biggest job right now is prepping to move/recreate what’s already done.


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