Screenshot and some thoughts on eventing

Just one screenshot and not a really deep thought, but no one expects much from me.

This is part of the scene that I worked on today, and it probably won’t be a terribly long one. Although it might actually end up a long one, now that I think about it. Depends on how much explanation is necessary for the questing part. As it is, all that really has to happen is that they explain they need a wizard, and just like the others, before they get to say why, the wizard with whom they are speaking tells them that he is busy.


As they are accustomed to this sort of thing (and may well have dealt with either or both of the other wizards who said the same kind of thing), our tepid–er, intrepid heroes offer their aid. They need a non-busy wizard, after all.

This one wants an errand run, and it’s going to be pretty clear that the reason is just as much that he isn’t in the mood to go out as it is that he really is genuinely preoccupied.

The errand might end up a complicated mess of eventing, but the last time I had a simple concept that I knew would be an eventing mess, I managed it in a matter of days. So we shall see what happens with this one.


Back to work on Desiderata

After a six month hiatus, I’m actually working on the game again! Yaaay…

I had meant to at least review the game yesterday, but I was delayed by the weather (it rained and that does a number on me) and then my own equipment. As to the latter, I was unable to sit up for very long, so using my desktop PC was out. I had to resort to my netbook. It had been a while since I’d used it, so I knew I’d have to update my AVP.

My AVP locked up after I turned on the netbook. I restarted it. And as it rebooted, it had to run checkdisc. Once it had done that, I had to spend three hours letting it update and scan for any other problems. Halfway through that, I had a visit from my mum and spent the time much better than I otherwise might have.

But then when she left, the weather and my health won again and I had to sleep. And so nothing got done! :D

Last night, my wonderful hubby moved my PC to the living room. So now I have the telly as a giant monitor and I can stretch out on the couch. I feel less dizzy this way. It wasn’t done util late, though, so I didn’t get a chance to start working until today.

First, I reviewed a bit of the game, to get myself used to the characters again, and un-overwhelm myself. My notes are all intact from where I left off, and I had some crazy complex plans. I scared myself off again while reviewing, thanks to realising how much complexity I had always injected into the project.

After finding a couple of difficult-to-fix bugs, I played a bit more and realised that I would only be using up time by continuing to review, and that I really ought to pick up where I had left off at this point.

Where I had left off was the first step of a set of choose-one story quests. Rather, the last step of the first part. There are three choices, and technically, I think players can choose all of the first step quests, but then they have to commit to a choice between those three options. I had two of them pretty much done (barring a sort of bridge quest for one of them) and this one I had absolutely nothing done.

Partially because the second one I did was a LOT of work, and this one as I have it planned, will be nearly as complicated. If not more so. I also had no concrete characterisation for this character, which was scaring me off as well.

But I have the beginning of the conversation, and once I get that event out of the way, I can tackle the ridiculous quest part of it. It’s good to be doing something again. I left this for far too long, never mind how good a reason I had.


Silly map things

There are these screen shots of a certain map from Desiderata that have been sitting in my pictures folder for a while. We took them with the intent that I put them in my blog, but I have been kind of a dork lately and haven’t remembered to do it.

Dither completed this map a long time ago, but when he was first working on it, I noticed something funny about it. The actual map looked like this before some necessary changes were made.

But tilted to one side, it looks rather like a man playing a cello.

Or doing some kind of jig.

I probably won’t need to do another pictures-heavy text-light post after today. My wrist is feeling a little better, so I don’t need to baby it quite so much.